Our Mission

To be a leading services provider, by attracting, developing and retaining the best people the market has to offer.

We provide to our clients the highest standard of efficiency and competency, answering their needs with a professional and reliable approach, being cost effective and accurate.

Our mission is to to be present where our clients are, never losing the focus on strengthening our presence in those areas where we are already established with the commitment to always deal fairly and honestly, responding promptly and professionally.


Nafttech Trading S.r.l is a privately owned  Italian company, established as a provider of petroleum products, equipment, engineering and services to the oil, gas and power Industry.


We have earned our customer’s trust , demonstrating superior level of flexibility and delivering oil and gas process equipment packages, systems and services of the highest quality.


Our experience goes from wellhead services to plant global services, through petroleum products, equipment, engineering and services.