captivating simplicity

captivating simplicity



In the flood of shoddy (Polish and / or foreign) romantic comedy, showing life as an endless tale, "Once," John Carney is a real remedy. A recipe for a reliable connection to the history of film matter is very simple (and that's the beauty of it!). We have two characters, a boy and a girl from Ireland to the Czech Republic. Both are trying to keep in a strange city (Dublin), both have painful life experiences, and they are musically talented.


Because it is the music, which are expressed by feelings of the characters, is the most important here - everyone fills the frame, adds color expression and revives cliché involving the meeting of two strangers. It is hard to believe that with such a feeling realized the movie was to be the only addition to the concert band Glen Hansard. But the furor that "Once" did at Sundance, allowed him to enter theatrical distribution. In the era of mechanical pompous entertainment and dramas, movies pretending that nothing is sincere to both the audience and to each other, is unique. Carney follow the path of Richard Linklater ( "Before Sunrise") shows the random knowledge, understanding and mutual fascination with people who feel that they are soulmates, but can not and probably will not meet anymore; They spend with each other only a few magical moments that will be in their memories for a lifetime. What is yet unoriginal and relies on modest dialogues concept over the other productions, is a matter of approach to the subject - selecting the appropriate pattern (mentioned "Before Sunrise"), nieustępowanie well-established solutions feature (according to which encountered pair fits together physically, exchange with polite to give the aura of rain in the kisses). In the case of "Once" two amateurs (lead actors are musicians), debutant director and a small technical team able to give this modest story decks such grace and naturalism, which vainly sought in other tabunie production.


I highly recommend, as it recently very rarely you can experience the magic of cinema.


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